French course and internship


This type of training is open to all kinds of people, with no minimum requirement for levels of study.

Do you want to complete your French language training with an internship in a French company?

  • You have already found an internship : Learnin’Bordeaux can provide an official work experience contract between you and the company. With student status, you are registered as a student of our school and are following a sandwich training course.
  • Learnin’Bordeaux can also help you to find an internship based on your training andbackground. The internship can take place in Bordeaux or the wider region.

The initial training takes place in Learnin’Bordeaux, it consists of a general French language course over a period equivalent to at least half of the duration of the internship, and is mandatory for longer than one month (in the case that the internship lasts 2 months or less).

After this initial training period, you will be present full time in the company.

The internship must last at least one month and can last no longer than 6 months.

The internship contract is signed between Learnin’Bordeaux, the student and the hosting company.

Please keep in mind that, in accordance with French law, only internships lasting longer than 2 months are remunerated.

French and Internship (General French + Internship)
3 months (2 months of French courses + 1 month of internship)1 168€
6 months (4 months of French courses + 2 months of internship)1 986€
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